Video Post Production

Once filming is complete, it’s time to put a movie together.

Using the latest audio and video technology, Digital Caviar is able to help you make movie magic. With Digital Caviar’s top-notch post-production studio, your movie will look and sound fantastic. Quality audio and visual is vital to bring your vision to life. We’ve definitely got you covered there.



  • On staff world renowned editors.
  • Can work with any editor in the world on Avid, Adobe, Davinci Resolve and Final Cut-based workflow for unscripted, scripted, feature and TV productions.
  • Sophisticated meta-data tracking and recording available to assistant editors and VFX.
  • Offline and Online storage solutions, ingest and transcode stations, LTO backup and archive and public cloud support.
  • Custom editorial suites available onsite or on location with centralized storage for Avid/Premiere/Resolve/Final Cut X

Motion Graphics / VFX

Best in the industry graphic designers, compositors, and animators.
Efficient workflow management and asset tracking.

Color Grading

  • Professional and experienced Colorists
  • Coloring Suite
    • 4K DCI Laser Projector on 20’ screen with OAR 2.35 or masked to 16x9
    • DolbyVision and HDR


  • Avid Protools HDX / S6 console soundstage with 7.4.4 Dolby ATMOS mixing
  • Rerecording Dolby ATMOS, Dolby Digital Plus, 7.1, 5.1
  • ADR
  • Foley and Sound design
  • Sound Score Composing

Digital Mastering

  • Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) for theatrical distribution with encrypted or unencrypted keys (KDM/DKDM), and archive master deliverables (DSM and DCDM).
  • 4K / UHD / IMF (Interoperable Master Format) mastering in DolbyVision, HDR (High-Dynamic Range) SDR, Dolby ATMOS, and Dolby Digital.
  • Delivery for all major studios and OTT / EST platforms with specific transcode and metadata specifications including NetFlix and iTunes.

Quality Control

  • Theatrical and home theater master QC for in-house and out of house projects (third-party file-based QC) with automated metadata and technical validation for file delivery to conform with studio specifications and platforms.

Secure File Transfer Around The World

  • In house secure file transport system developed for high-speed transfers worldwide.
  • Full support for Aspera and other industry standard transfer tools and platforms.

Media Management

  • Dailies, source media storage, asset management for VFX, marketing and conform pulls.
  • Online/Offline and Archival of all media and deliverables.
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Video Post-Production